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Qualify for a free sprayer, fogger or dry applicator with a minimum purchase! Ensuring proper application is vital to good coverage and insect control. 

Free Spayer Kit with purchase of 35 gallons of Gravista. 

35 gallons of Gravista treats: 

125,000 bushels of Corn
117,000 bushels of Wheat
157,000 bushels of Rice
140,000 bushels of Milo
220,000 bushels of Oats

Free Fogger with purchase of:

4 gallons of Pyronil Crop Spray and 1 gallon of Diacon (recommended for warehouses) OR 18 gallons of Inselux (recommended for grain bins)

Free Dry Applicator with the purchase of 25 boxes of Gravista D

Treats 100,000 bushels of corn, wheat, oats, rice, barley or milo