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Fogging Warehouses and Bins

Why Fog? 

Fogging provides complete coverage of the inner space of a structure and effectively treats the hard-to-reach areas in a grain handling facility. By fogging, the highest points of the tower can be reached as well as the rafters in flat storage facilities. Fogging is also really effective for older facilities. Another bonus is that it not as labor intensive as surface spraying, making it a cost effective alternative. 

When to Fog?

When the facility is cleaned of all grain and prepared for new grain, fog two weeks before storing the new grain. 

Please note: Fogging will not penetrate a grain mass, so it's not a substitute for treating incoming grain with protectants. 

Click here for a pdf with details on fogging warehouses using Crop Spray and Diacon IGR. 

Click here for a pdf with details on fogging grain silos with Inselux Fog and Mill spray.