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Treating Peanuts

  1. Grower, Processor, or Sheller?

  2. *Diacon IGR approved for use on exported peanuts*
  3. Controlling insects is key in protecting your profitability. 

  4. Insects such as Indian meal moths, red flour beetles and confused flour beetles can be persistent insect pests in peanut facilities. As they feast on the peanuts, they leave behind broken shells and dust -- and can contaminate your production process with insect parts and other debris. 

  5. How to apply to peanuts?

  6. Apply directly to incoming peanuts, including "green" peanuts. A simple spray tank and nozzle system can be used for application. Position nozzle over flowing stream of peanuts and calibrate according to rate of movement OR use dry product on peanuts. 
  7. The most common use rate for the prevention of insect infestation is 7 fluid ounces of Diacon IGR mixed with 5 gallons of water per 28 tons or 10 lbs of Diacon D per 22 tons. 
  8. Buy 10 gallons of Diacon IGR to treat 5,000 tons of peanuts and qualify for a free sprayer!
  9. Buy 57 boxes of Diacon D to treat 5,000 tons of peanuts and qualify for a free dry applicator!

    To read more about Codex MRL Approval for Use on Peanuts and exported peanuts, click here. 

    For a PDF on using Diacon IGR to treat peanuts, click here. 


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