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Treating Feed

Bagged and bulk animal feed is vulnerable to insects such as Indian meal moths, red flour beetles and saw-toothed grain beetles. Not only can insects contaminate feed with pathogens such as Salmonella and sicken livestock, they also accelarate natural chemical changes in the feed that can degrade the flavor and nutritional value. 

Simple Value: 

  • Insect-free feed helps to ensure animals will not be losing any nutritional value. 
  • Diacon-D IGR helps keep bagged feed free of grain damangin insects. 

Diacon D IGR is a dry formulation that is approved for use in treating bulk or bagged pet food, livestock feed or any other finished animal feed. It's easy to use and effective!

Apply 1/3 lb of Diacon D per ton of animal feed. Can use an electric applicator or apply using a scoop. 

Applications of Diacon D IGR to finished animal feeds, birdseed or other finished products DO NOT require package labeling since the application is made to control pests in the package and no other claimes ore made on the final package. 

Contact us to find out about how to get a free dry applicator. 

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